Celebrity Facialist Approved DIY Treatments

Joanna Vargas

I have been doing at home spa treatments since I was a little girl and loved trying the latest recipes for at home beauty treatment. And believe it or not I still love doing them. Here are some approved DIY …

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April 15th, 2014

Are You Pushing 30? Don’t Panick Here are Your Antiaging Secret From Celebrities

Michelle Williams/Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

If you are in a panic about the faint lines etching their way across your eyes or have begun to look a little worn out. Then you need to read this article and find out what these celebrities are doing …

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April 10th, 2014

Is Premature Aging Inevitable?


When those first dreaded fine lines appear you may wonder if premature aging is inevitable.  The finest day spas in NYC have discovered that the answer to that oft-asked question is a resounding NO.  Many people are unaware of the …

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February 16th, 2014

Why Men Getting Spa Facials has Become Popular


Is it because men have discovered the health benefits of facials that spa visits have become popular for them?  In these modern times we live in–the age of the “metrosexual–there are plenty of men who know that maintenance of their …

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February 14th, 2014