10 Simple Tricks to Great Skin

September 30th, 2008

By Elizabeth Hall

1. Drink eight glasses of water a day. The average adult is made up of about fifty or sixty percent water. Replenishing your body daily helps to distribute nutrients and keep skin healthy and clear.

2. Wear sunscreen. It is vital to protect the skin from the sun, which can prematurely age skin, and cause wrinkles and sun spots. Using a daily sunscreen for both face and body will keep your skin looking young. Still want golden, sun kissed looking skin? Try a sunless tan.

3. Wash your face every night. This does not mean simply splashing your face with water. Cleansing the skin every night with a foam or cream wash rids the face of dirt and excess oils that can clog pores and cause breakouts. Avoid bar soap, as it tends to be too harsh for the skin.

4. Moisturize the skin. Everyone should moisturize, even if your skin seems oily. Dehydrated skin looks dull and tired, and dehydration prevents the skin from repairing itself. This can lead to wrinkles and premature skin aging. Choose a moisturizer that fits your skin type to avoid clogged pores.

5. Feed your skin and body with lots of greens, the darker the greens, the better. Healthy rich green vegetables not only replenish nutrients to your body, they feed the skin as well. Vegetables such as spinach or kale contain vitamins and minerals and a high dose of antioxidants that help nourish the skin and prevent premature aging.

6. Exercise. Regular exercise plays a significant role in healthy and young looking skin. Physical activity aids in circulation, which helps to displace free radicals and control breakouts. It also aids in the production of collagen, which combats fine lines and wrinkles.

7. Exfoliate twice a week. Unfortunately, many people tend to skip this step in their weekly skin care regimen. A gentle face scrub exfoliates the skin and removes the top layer of dead cells, leaving the skin with a fresh healthy glow.

8. Drink a shot of pomegranate juice every morning. Pomegranate juice is packed full of powerful antioxidants which, among other things, help to fight cell damage and inflammation.

9. Take vitamins. Vitamin supplements, such as a daily multivitamin restore health to the skin by depositing essential nutrients into the circulatory system to be absorbed by the skin. These hydrating, rejuvenating nutrients help give dull, tired skin life from the inside out.

10. Last but not least…Rest! Get at least seven hours of sleep a night. We all live busy, hectic lives and it is easy to neglect your body’s need for sleep. Unfortunately, one of the first places fatigue shows is in the skin. A proper nights rest allows your entire body to recharge and heal itself.