5 Steps To Beautiful Skin

March 15th, 2011

Healthy, glowing skin comes from daily attention to some really simple steps. Knowing what these simple steps are is not always so simple.

If your skin is looking dull or if you are noticing the first signs of aging then you need to implement a proven skin care routine immediately.

Its not what you do every now and then that will make a difference in how your skin looks. Its what you do daily.

Believe it or not, lifestyle choices are just as important as your skincare routine. Even small changes will make the biggest difference in how your skin looks NOW and in the future.

If you have not been consistent or just plain did not know, chances are, lines or sun damage just “suddenly appeared”, however this is NOT the case as damage to your skin accumulates over time.

Here Are 5 Things You Can Do to Reverse, Prevent And Restore Health To Your Skin

1) Stay away from smoking as the toxins found in cigarettes can be very bad for your skin. As a matter of fact smoking can age your skin faster than almost anything else apart from sun damage.

According to an article I found in the British Medical Journal by a Dr Douglas Model he states:

“The changes in the colour and quality of the skin suggest a toxic process… In my experience, many people notice the ravages of smoking for the first time when it is pointed out to them that they can be identified as smokers by their faces alone.”

2) Alcohol consumption can affect the look of your skin immediately as it forces the blood vessels in the skin to expand and usually stay that way until the effects of the alcohol dissipate.

In addition it will dehydrate your skin, can give you dark circles and under eye bags as well as break down collagen and elastin. The end result? Wrinkles, pimples, due to the toxicity of alcohol, and overly dry skin.

3) With the sun’s UV rays you need sun protection all year round, even in winter. It is important that you protect your skin, as the damage by the sun can be significant as it is cumulative.

Use a proper sunscreen everyday or a skincare product that contains a proper SPF, as found in some tinted moisturizers or foundations.

During the summer you need to cover up with proper clothing, a hat and sunscreen. Doing this step will keep your skin YOUTHFUL for a long time to come.

4) Since your body is an estimated 60 to 70 percent water, drinking plenty of it will keep all of your organs performing at an optimum.

Water transports nutrients, oxygen and removes waste and toxins from your body and organs. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and is the last to receive nutrients, however, it is the first to show signs of damage.

Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin healthy as it will transport nutrients to it, flush out impurities and keep it well hydrated.

5) Get enough sleep as this is when your body’s natural repair cycle occurs. Not getting a sufficient nights rest will most definitely affect your skin as the repair cycle is not getting done.

In addition your body will now be under greater stress affecting more of it’s internal organs which ultimately affect your skin.

I divide skincare into 3 main parts, nutritional skincare, lifestyle and a proven skincare routine which includes facials and professional skincare treatments.

A competent skincare professional can help define your skincare goals and can guide you along those lines in order to give you the perfect skin you want NOW and in the future.

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