A Guide To Microdermabrasion

April 8th, 2011

By: orsondixon

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation treatment. It removes the top layer of dead skin from the face, hands, and chest. For optimum results, you should get a series of treatments done, and complement them by using anti-aging skincare products. If you want to look younger, this technique is an effective way to do so.

This anti-aging treatment is available at spas, and you should look at before-and-after photographs of past clients who took the treatment. Doing so will help you decide whether you will benefit from the treatment. Consider booking a series, because you are then likely to get one complimentary session.

You will need half an hour for this treatment. Your skin does not need any time to recover after the treatment. This is why this treatment is often called the “lunchtime peel.” Your skin will look fresher, and have a glow after the treatment. Fine lines as well as wrinkles will diminish in appearance. Enlarged pores and coarse textured skin will also reduce.

Another benefit of microdermabrasion is that it makes it easier for premium skincare products to penetrate the skin. Collagen is easier to build then, and since collagen is responsible for the skin looking young, it is important to get this treatment done if necessary.

A powerful device is used in this treatment, to spray microcrystals of corundum powder or aluminum dioxide on your skin. This is a fine, hard, sand-like substance which removes the uppermost layer of your dead skin cells.
You may feel some discomfort around your mouth or nose, because these are sensitive areas.

When the treatment is over, the technician will vacuum any remnants of the powder. It is important that you confirm the qualifications of the esthetician performing the procedure. The results will party depend on her experience level.

If you have sensitive skin, or your skin reddens easily, or you are prone to acne, it is advisable that you avoid this treatment. Remember that aging skin is thin already, so taking this treatment can aggravate this problem.

In diamond tip technology, diamond embedded hand piece tips are used for this treatment. It is popular because it is a non-invasive procedure. Compare costs of two or three spas before you make up your mind which one to choose.

You can get mud wraps, massages, and other treatments done at the spa while you are there. Care should be taken to select an experienced technician for microdermabrasion. Huntingdon residents should look for a day spa favored by others in the area for this treatment.

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