A Powerful Organic Anti-Aging Serum

November 14th, 2008

By C.A Vargas

Phyt’s is a skincare line from France and to be more exact it a certified organic skin care line that has been around since 1972. It was created by a French naturopathic biologist and his goal was to make it without parabens, chemical preservatives or synthetic materials or coloring agents. This incredible organic skin care line cannot be found in your local health or beauty markets and must be order via a skin care expert. The following is but one of their incredible products that you must have.

This is a powerful organic anti-aging serum is to be used at night. It restores the skin’s elasticity, brightens and feeds the skin the vital nutrients it needs to stay youthful in appearance. It benefits greatly any skin type that has the following conditions, dry or premature aging, wrinkled skin and its great for mature skin as well. This powerful serum, repairs, renews and prevents aging.

Joanna Vargas loves the fact that it comes in pre-measured capsules so you know just how much product to use on the face and neck every time.

This serum is a cocktail of powerful, restorative, healing and organic ingredients. It contains Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and therefore anti aging, Lavender, a powerful essential oil that has renowned healing and cell regenerative capabilities, Hazelnut, said to aid in cell regeneration and protects against free radicals, it also benefits dry and irritated skin. Also contains Cypress, Sunflower, Rosemary, to invigorate and enliven the skin and Thyme.

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