An Ounce Of Wrinkle Cure Prevention is Better Than…

October 4th, 2012

By the time you hit your 30’s, you’ll begin to see fine lines around the eyes and the subtle etchings that now make a parenthesis around your mouth. And your once smooth brow will have thin fine horizontal lines forming.

This is the onset of aging and if you don’t take action now this natural process will eventually carve your face into deep lines and wrinkles. There are spa treatment options like LED light therapy and microcurrent facials but first lets explore things you can do at home.

The saying that “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”, is absolutely true in the case of anti-aging skin care. Doing so will help you dodge more aggressive treatments and perhaps even cosmetic surgery and injectables.

And even though you might think you need the latter, I believe there is always time to reverse some of the accumulated years that are now displayed on your complexion.

The Simple Truth Of Aging Skin

Wrinkles are determined by internal and external factors. Internally, the natural process of aging is taking place and is causing your body to produce less collagen and elastin, the connective tissue of your skin. Externally, the environment is attacking your skin, causing the connective tissue to breakdown.

By adopting proactive measures both of these factors can be under your control. Internally, you can aid the body’s repair cycle with nourishing foods and help it even more by exercising.

External skin care can then significantly improve your complexion and youthful vibrancy of your skin.

Protecting Your Skin Against The Environment

Protect yourself against the environment by wearing a moisturizer with sunscreen. This simple step, in my opinion, does two things in one. It keeps your skin hydrated while offering a protective barrier against the environment. The second thing it does is keep your skin from getting sun damaged.

Another environmental factor that can wreak your skin but is not usually considered is smoking. This is the second worse thing, aside from the sun, that can damage your skin rapidly as it assaults your skin from the inside and outside.

Nourish and Regenerate Your Skin

Nourishing your skin with moisturizers can help skin stay supple and keep wrinkles away. I personally like moisturizers that have antioxidants as they help protect the skin from free radicals that age your skin. Pollution, smoking and the sun all create skin damaging free radicals but antioxidants neutralize them.

Many antioxidants found in skin care have been proven over many studies to help protect your skin against cellular damage. Some of them are beta-carotene, lycopene, vitamins A, C and E to name a few.

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and is the first line of defense against the environment, microbes and bacteria. Taking care of it will not only keep you young looking it will also keep you healthy.

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