Anti Aging Skin Care: Boost Collagen Naturally

April 26th, 2012

Coming of age and how to age beautifully is a difficult task, even for supermodels and the genetically gifted. One essential protein your body needs in order to do so is collagen. Any luxury spa in New York City will promote this but can they deliver?

Collagen is composed of fibers of protein in the skin. These tiny fibers strengthen, connect and support the skin, helping it to look supple and smooth. When collagen is lacking, the skin can appear thin and be more prone to signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

Looking younger NOW is done by boosting collagen production and this is done with anti-aging treatments, skin care creams designed for enhancing beautiful skin and with a healthy diet.

The trick is to be able to take a giant leap forward and use all of them for dramatic results. Beautiful skin can be had at any age and there are many ways to do it naturally.

The Multiple Ways You Can Make Your Skin Younger, Fresher & Brighter

Step 1

One of the most effective ways you can build collagen naturally, according to dermatologist, is to get adequate sleep. Beauty sleep is not just an old wives tell as sleep helps the body produce more human growth hormones, which helps to build collagen and gives the skin a more elastic appearance.

Step 2

In a report printed in The Times: Holding Back The Years, it states that eating a healthy diet containing oats, fish, soy, lentils, salmon and whole grains will keep your skin youthful and plump as these foods create and repair collagen. One sure way that my clients get to do this is by experiencing the full body LED light therapy bed I invented, called the Sleeping Beauty. It is made up of red and infrared lights in order to rejuvenate and age proof your skin.

Step 3

Using skin care products that contain vitamin C will help to build and repair damaged skin. Not only can vitamin C increase the body’s production of collagen, it can fight damage caused by the sun and other skin conditions. One product that is essential in my skin care line is the Vitamin C Face Wash. It is a gentle cleanser that brightens and clears your pores for a magically improved complexion.

Lastly, in addition to things that build collagen you must also protect against those things which break it down.

Cigarette smoke and excessive exposure to the sun will breakdown collagen and cause premature aging. Maintaining a balance lifestyle will ensure beautiful and ageless skin.

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