Anti Aging Skin Care: How To Make A Firming Mask

April 25th, 2012

Anti aging skin care is a big topic at my New York day spa and perhaps what many of my younger clients don’t know is that it applies to them too. One ingredient that has been used in skin care since Cleopatra for its skin-beautifying properties is honey.

It is recorded history that the queen of the Nile used to bathe in milk and honey. Honey is a natural enemy to bacteria as well humectant–it attracts and retains moisture. When applied to the complexion, it helps skin stay hydrated, a most important aspect of battling sags and wrinkles.

Here’s a tip for making a honey firming facial mask with apple to help your complexion be more soft and supple, with the glow of health. Use honey that has on its label “raw,” which means it hasn’t been processed or heated and choose an organic apple for this incredible spa treatment at home.

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