Antioxidants – Skin Care Products

September 17th, 2011

There are many ways to protect and maintain beautiful skin and one of them is through the use of antioxidant products. Antioxidants – skin care products can remove the radicals that harm the cells in our skin and cause damage and aging. Since antioxidants are found in foods, it is not easy to acquire enough to see the results in our skin. This is where antioxidant skin care products come in.

You may be aware by now that there are many antioxidants skin care products out in the market but which one is really effective? Vitamins A, E and C are the main nutrients you should be able to find in an antioxidant product.

Vitamin C is found in our skin tissues and once it is gone, the skin’s ability to repair damage is pretty much gone too. This results in dark spots and wrinkles. Vitamin A and E on the other hand are proven effective to prevent skin aging.

There are many products out there in the market today that contains green tea, rooibos tea, red palm oil, virgin coconut oil, rosehip oil, cocoa butter, African honey, neem and coffee berry. These ingredients promote anti-aging and improve the skin’s texture and overall health.

Lutein, beta carotene, lycopene, selenium, lipoic acid and glutathione are also good antioxidants which promote blood detoxification and will help your immune system become stronger, resulting in beautiful skin.

Most products that come out in the market right now are in forms of creams or lotions, but the evidences that the application of topical antioxidants are effective are insufficient. Although some experts claim that these products should work, it is best to take antioxidants in naturally.

Eating leafy vegetables like collard greens, spinach and kale can be a good start. Watermelons, guava, apricot and oranges are just some of many fruits that contains natural antioxidant so be sure to include them in your daily diet. Other food rich in antioxidants are carrots, squash, mangos, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe.

Many skin care products are out in the market now but not all of them are safe. Antioxidants – skin care products are much safer and are a natural way of taking care of your skin so you’ll never go wrong with it; unless of course you misuse it.

Remember to read labels when trying out products and try to include healthy foods in your diet so you maintain naturally healthy beautiful skin.

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