Argan Oil, An Anti-Aging Wonder

September 13th, 2008

By Joanna Vargas

Photo by Tara Darby/ Source

Morocco, historically known as “The Western Kingdom”, has been inhabited since at least 8000 BC, as noted by historians of the Capsian culture. This ancient and exotic land is home to Tangier, Casablanca and Essaouira, which was a stop in the ‘60s and ‘70s for the hash-filled hippie trek and is now a popular windsurfing and kiteboarding spot.

Today, one of the most interesting finds is one of the most naturally produced ingredients in organic skin care products, argan oil. Produced from the fruit of the Argan tree and because this tree almost exclusively grows in Morocco, the oil is considered to be one of the most rarest in the world. Called liquid gold, this oil is extracted according to centuries old tradition and by custom, only the women of this ancient land produce it. The process is lengthy and it takes as much as a day to make a liter of it.

Argan oil had been the cosmetic and beauty secret of the Berber women for centuries and more recently the well-healed Europeans that brought it back from their seaside vacations. The Berber women use it for their hair, skin and nails. But it is also a source of nutrition and used heavily as a culinary essential. And because of its high nutritional values and restorative powers it is used in their traditional medicines as well.

The composition of this oil is extremely interesting and studies show it to have very high concentration of vitamin E and other naturally occurring antioxidants, including essential fatty acids, Omega-6 and Omega-9. All the different elements in combination are age-defying and restorative for the skin. An additional benefit is that it naturally defends against UV rays, so it is perfect as a foundation before makeup, a typical use by Berber women.

This oil is the latest miracle ingredient being used in the best skin care products because of its restorative and age defying effects. It is extremely beneficial for skin care as it eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and feeds the skin all the proper nutrients for a healthy and radiant glow. And it even has passed the sustainability test which means it retains its integrity and can be used in skin care products without losing its potency.

This latest botanical wonder and anti-aging miracle works directly with cells and prevents cell degeneration, restoring balance to the epidermis. The benefits can include the proper hydration of the skin thus making it more supple, improved elasticity and firmness, making wrinkles disappear and also improving the overall texture of the skin.

This oil contains powerful antioxidants and it’s one of the main ingredients in my superlatively crafted skin care line. The Rejuvenating Serum is used in all my facials and skincare treatments for its efficacy and this is the product I highly recommended to my discerning celebrities and women in the know as part of their skin care regime. All of which have reported noticeable improvements to their skin in a very short time.

And when you used it in combination with my Vitamin C Face Cleanser, is one of the simplest tricks you can do to achieve radiant and glowing skin. This facial cleanser removes surface impurities and helps nourish and heal the ravages of the environment, without stripping the skin.

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