Can Clay Facials Restore My Skin

June 14th, 2012

Think of all the contaminants and toxins floating in the urban air on the brisk walk to work or elsewhere. You come in contact with these free radicals daily. When you swab your skin at the end of the next long rat race day you will see the evidence of what your pores inevitably absorb. With a cleansing skin care regimen consider the benefits of an ages old purifying facial, using the most restorative natural ingredient: clay.

For starters, the cool soothing clay feels great when applied to your face. Clay absorbs excess oil and impurities from deep within the pores like no other naturally sourced facial ingredient. It is one of the best skin care products you will find to extract the daily grime for the overall improved health of skin. The variety of clays available makes it the optimal choice for all skin types. Sourced from the earth itself, clay facials make it possible to reveal fresh radiant epidermal tissue hidden beneath using this chemical free gentle option.

Clay facials improve blood circulation as they gently exfoliate and remove surface dead skin cells in a way that is ultimately restorative for an improved beautiful complexion. The physical structure and mineral content of each clay variety indicates the skin type that best benefits from its purifying effects. By the color of the clay it is possible to gauge which is most suitable for you. While there are currently innumerable skincare products that include clay, powdered options can be sourced to create the best home facial for complete detoxification and rejuvenation of skin.

Oily Skin Clay Facials

French Green clay is hefty with 9 mineral oxides and comprised of decomposing plant matter: it is true evidence of botanical regeneration. And when applied to skin as a facial it is the most restorative of all the clay varieties. It is the perfect antidote to roaming free radicals and toxins.

Clay Facials For all Skin Types

Dead Sea clay is sourced from the lowest landscape on earth and is rich with 26 minerals for the healthiest skin. This powerful clay nourishes with its easy absorption into the skin.
Rhassoul clay sourced from Morocco, has been used for over 1400 years as a skin conditioner enriched with 58% silica and 25.2 % magnesium, its phenomenal absorbency properties makes it the ideal de-toxifying facial.

Sensitive or Dry Skin Clay Facials

Yellow, white, and pink Kaolin clays have a delicate structure and a nourishing mineral content that makes them incredibly gentle when applied as facials to dry and sensitive skin. Pores are now unclogged and fresh skin cells are regenerated with no worries of allergic reaction for a fresh smooth face– free of impurities.

Take care in choosing the variety that’s best for your skin… Then apply liberally for radically restored skin that is possible with the cleansing age-defying elements offered in natural clay facials.

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