Can You Repair Damaged Hair?

November 25th, 2010

I wanted to write this unique piece because there is a lot of misconception about hair masks and hair treatments and what they can actually do for your hair.

The truth is that the health of your hair starts with the health of your scalp and in essence is skincare. Keeping your scalp healthy will give your hair strength, shine and endurance.

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Is It Possible To Have Healthy Hair?

Woman With Beautiful Hair

One of the most common misconceptions about hair is that you can repair it, and bring back that shine and strength.

Hair treatments only appear to repair the damage as they coat the hair shaft, usually with a conditioning agent, making it smooth and shinny.

However, damaged hair cannot be repaired with any kind of hair mask or treatment but only create the appearance of restoration. The reason is that hair is dead once it is outside the hair follicle.

Hair treatments are however a great and temporary solution as the average person grows hair at about 1/2 inch per month.

Is it possible then to have healthy shinny hair? The answer is yes but perhaps not as it has been advertise by the many types of hair mask and restorative hair treatments.

Nutrition plays a big part in the condition of your hair as the hair follicle feeds the hair all its nutrients and blood in order to make it grow. So what are some basic vitamins for great and beautiful hair?

Vitamin B and C are necessary for hair growth, hair color, and good circulation. Enough of vitamin B and C in your diet will keep individual strands of tresses from breaking.

Additionally Vitamin A should be a part of your mulitvitamin, which will give you a healthy scalp, because it works wonders for skin.

Lastly, eat a diet with sufficient protein as hair is made up of mostly protein, up to 98%.

This will give you a base on where to start growing healthy and shinny new hair.

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