Celebrity Surgery Russian Roulette

September 29th, 2011

Humanity has a strange instinct or morbid desire for seeing other people suffer and to prove it, the next time you drive by an accident at an intersection don’t look at the collision, just look the backed up traffic in an unrelated lane.

It’s called rubbernecking and though many people can’t help themselves, they would prefer to see a CEO in an accident rather than a school bus full of children – usually because their inherent justice scale is always alert. Am I saying that rich people should get injured? Not really, more to the point I’m saying that we like to see the mighty brought low. Sometimes even that selfish joy crosses the line though.

Plastic surgery can be a godsend to people who suffer from low self confidence due to an area of their body that they’re legitimately not happy with, but some Hollywood celebs take it too far or just get screwed by hack doctors. We like to judge them and even laugh at them when we see these pictures because in the end, they’re rich and messed up so they deserve it. This may be true in some isolated cases but most of the time it’s just an unfair tragedy.

A lot of articles on this subject put in super famous people whose surgery isn’t even that bad. Sometimes the effects on their appearance are actually from the age gap between the ‘then and now’ image, so this time let’s just look at two truly unfortunate and realistic examples of what a bad plastic surgeon can do to you.


Tara Reid

  • Botched boob job and stomach liposuction

The gorgeous blond bombshell from American Pie had everything to look forward to in terms of her career and personal life, but all of that’s pretty much over now. Although it might defy your or my understanding as to why she thought she needed bigger breasts with her frame, or why she would try for a tummy tuck after the horrendous damage done to her breasts in the first surgery, the point is that her doctors should lose their licence.


Ali Lohan

  • Alleged failed rhinoplasty, chin implant and cheek augmentation

The sister of actress Lindsay Lohan and a budding model in her own right, this 17 year old girl may have made a cataclysmic mistake. Although both she and her mother have claimed that plastic surgery was not involved, no one seems convinced and at least one plastic surgeon has gone on record for the media in support of the rumours. Although extreme weight lose and an ill chosen hair colour are certainly involved, it appears as though this is a failed gamble which resulted in a cute girl looking more like He-Man villain Skeletor.


Other notables include Amanda Lepore, Jocelyn Wildenstein and, of course, Michael Jackson – though those might be considered self inflicted.

Skilled plastic surgeons, on the other hand, have changed lives for the better for thousands of people and been part of huge success stories. Some people come down on Pamela Anderson but she’s simply getting older and she’s one of many whose lives were changed dramatically for the better, Meg Ryan may have recently joined this number and certainly Demi Moore is among them.

The next time you want to play doctor, make sure it’s with a professional.


Warren Kings is an experienced online content writer and currently covers subjects such as cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.