Clean, Clear And Glowing Skin

April 18th, 2009

How does one achieve clean, clear and glowing skin? This question is not only asked by women but men as well. And the answer to that question can be found at Joanna Vargas Skin Care. It is almost always a uniform uttering by the many beauty editors, specially when they Joanna’s flawless skin, clear and glowing skin. See what Charu Suri says about the best facial she ever got and of course her entire experience.

Source: Butterfly Diary
By Charu Suri
April 8, 2009

I entered Joanna Vargas’ anti-aging salon expecting to be greeted by a standard spa attendant (aka well dressed but not Audrey Hepburn), but instead I met Irene who was more well-heeled than Blair Waldorf. And then there was Joanna herself with gorgeous, flawless skin and decked in the latest Abaete dress.

I thought she was going to the Opera after she gave me my facial, but “this is how we dress” she says cheerfully. “I didn’t want my salon to be a typical spa.”

Joanna is totally married to organic / natural products and she carries Eminence Skincare from Hungary and the seldom seen high-end Ila skincare line that is completely sans synthetic chemicals.

My facial started with a thorough microdermabrasion. From the deep cleansing milk to the extractions (totally bad ass, I must add, but excellent for the skin), I felt completely relaxed and all the while knowing that only pure ingredients were being layered onto my skin.

I applaud Joanna for having the integrity to stick with her vision of using only the best quality organic ingredients in her facials. It’s all too easy to subscribe to trends and slather on the “sexy” synthetics like the products filled with CoEnzymeQ10 etc. “I was into organic products way before they even became a fad,” she says.

After the extractions and a soothing hydrating mask, my skin felt as though it had been shuttled through a time machine (think Benjamin Button cycle). The Red Rose Purifying facial is a special treat, and perfect for Mother’s Day too.

Every one deserves a lifestyle changing aesthetician, right?

Joanna Vargas
501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 707
Phone: 212 949 2350