Clear As A Bell Skin, How?

February 17th, 2010

I think you would agree with me that having clean, clear and glowing skin brings certain benefits: the confidence that you look great radiates from within. One thing that has helped me and many others achieve that, is home exfoliation.

4438391_blogA true skin care fundamental that has stood the test of time has been exfoliation. It literally has been around since ancient Egypt, and there is good reason why.

The slight abrasion triggers the skin’s healing mechanism, helping it create two vital proteins needed for healthy and beautiful skin: collagen and elastin.

These two proteins help nourish cells to erase fine lines, sun spots, and generally work wonders for damage or aging skin.

When done properly, exfoliating, in conjunction with regular facials will give the skin a healthy vibrancy that we all love.

Additionally, a skin care routine that includes all of the following elements, cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating, will result in clear, clean and glowing skin.

These are minimum requirements that will take years off of your face and prevent damage at every turn.

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