Conquer Aging & Reveal Younger Skin

January 13th, 2011

I always felt that real-world skin care advice will give YOU miraculous results. Following this advice, proven through my many years of experience, will give you flawless skin.

I know that if you follow my advice and you are consistent in your application you will have predictable results and you will be happy with the improvement in your skin.

The first thing to know is how your skin ages and what changes you can expect as you age. Armed with this knowledge you can forge ahead and conquer aging.

Beautiful, Younger Skin In Minutes

Although the headline above might seem like a highly embroidered statement, I can prove to you that five minutes at night and five minutes in the morning can help you conquer aging overnight!

However, this will be the subject of my next newsletter and for now I will only share what happens to your skin as you age and what YOU can do about it.

In your 20’s – Things begin to slow. For example, new skin cell production slows down by a rate of four times as cells go from a complete turnover every five to seven days to every 21 days.

Depending on your lifestyle and external factors you might be showing some form of skin damage like fine lines, freckles.

You can immediately begin to use a mild exfoliant in order to help speed up cell turn over and erase those developing fine lines and freckles.

Use sunscreen everyday, cloudy or not, and begin to eat foods rich in antioxidants to help combat sun damage, keeping skin beautiful.

30’s – People in their 30’s are highly focused on their careers, establishing themselves, etc.

Stress becomes a factor and depending on your ability to handle the shift into overdrive, this can affects your skin negatively.

Additionally, the cell turnover cycle has slowed to 28 days, making it difficult for new skin to give you that vibrant look you had in your early 20’s.

Fine lines becoming fuller.

The skin care routine you established in your 20’s is your base and you’ll want to continue to add as the years move forward.

Since stress plays a major role in how your skin reacts, actively practice activities that will reduce your stress, exercise, Pilates, comedies, hobbies.

Also, by now it behooves you to visit a professional known for getting results. He or she will help you tweak your skin care routine to more effectively counteract the obvious signs of aging.

Your 40’s – If you have no skin care routine by now, then you might be in trouble as this is a critical age where all the cumulative damaged is beginning to rapidly show.

The main reason is that cells now turn over every 45 days, so nourishing and protecting the skin is critical. The skin is drier and does not produce as much elastin for elasticity and sufficient quantities of collagen, for firmness.

Therefore wrinkles and other forms of aging become very obvious.

You need a skin care routine that boost collagen and elastin production and supercharged serums that nourish in order to prevent and repair further damage.

When your body hits the 50’s, your skin’s cell turn over is now every 60 days.

However this is where supercharged facials and cutting-edge technology can still jolt the skin into looking remarkably younger.

Although, it is never too early to start, this is where all I pull all the stops on my clients with mature skin.

The revolutionary wrinkle repair, collagen and elastin builder, the microcurrent facial shines. Add to that another secret to younger looking skin, LED light therapy and you have tighter and more radiant looking skin.

Here we need to nourish the skin from within and without in order to provide all the building blocks for flawless looking skin.

Hydration is key as the skin has become overly dry and thin in most cases. Dry skin is more likely to wrinkle than oilier skin.

The proper serums, moisturizers, supercharged facials done regularly and LED light therapy are some of the basics to be used and with REMARKABLE results.

There are many secrets to younger looking skin and many are simple and can be done at home. Education, application and professional skin care advice go hand and hand and the value of each can be only measure in RESULTS.

Knowing all three can be the skin saviors that stop the clock or slow it down to a crawl.

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