Consistency, and How your Body Repairs Itself at Nightime

December 11th, 2009

3897592_blogYou deserve Clean, Clear and Glowing Skin! Do you Agree? Then read on.

Everyone wants skin that’s clear as a bell but most people don’t know how or why they can’t have it. There are many factors but since they can be so numerous we won’t touch upon them.

Instead, lets concentrate on the basics of skin care and if applied, I promise, you will have clear and glowing skin. This is something I know you want, Right?

My first mantra in skin care is, and it encompasses all I do in skin care, CONSISTENCY!

Consistency in your skin care routine is crucial for healthy and glowing skin. This is just like going to the gym or eating healthy. If you stop it, it won’t be long before you’ll see the bad results of it.

So the first step to glowing skin that you must do consistently is to use a cleanser at night. Wash your face and remove make-up, dirt, grime and the pollution of the day.

This will immediately improve the health of your skin, How?

Your body repairs itself at night time and if you have make-up and other grime on your face, it will have a hard time fulfilling that function for the skin on your face.

Therefore, consistently use a gentle wash for your nightly routine and see the difference it can make in your skin, deal?

ila-cleansing-milk-for-natu3I also, want to recommend one of my most favorite cleansers, ILA Cleansing Milk for Natural Beauty. The moment you open the bottle, you will smell the wonderful purity of the ingredients in this cleanser. It Contains the super rich antioxidant, Argan Oil. Each of my clients swears by this cleanser and you will too once you use it.

This cleanser is both soothing and deeply cleansing. It contains no alcohol, so its great for even the driest of skin.

I find it really helps to heal the ravages of the environment on the skin and leaves you with a radiant glow.

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