Do You Feel Your Complexion Is Aging Too Fast?

July 21st, 2010

Lifestyle habits, good or bad, can affect the look of your complexion and the health of your body, for better or worse. How you care for your complexion is of course another factor.

The key thing to know is that there are proven skin care tips, to stop, prevent and reverse the look and feel of your skin. You can have beautiful skin now and be ageless.

Are You Your Skin’s Friend or Foe?

Making small changes to your existing routine, trying a few new tricks, can have you saying hello to younger-looking skin and a more beautiful you.

Not doing them or doing something in an unsystematic way can irritate your skin, dry it, cause you to break out etc.

The truth is that the secrets to clean, clear and glowing skin are few but you need to know what they are and in what sequence you should use them.


Anyone who’s pulled an all-nighter can attest, to pasty looking skin and dark circles.

However, as bad as these signs are, they are only superficial signs of a far worse consequence.

Insufficient sleep can cause your body to work harder to fulfill it’s basic functions, overloading or causing undue stress to the system.

The result is slower collagen production which has a lot of negative consequences for your skin, one of them being fine lines and wrinkles.

Getting a good night sleep can help you wake up to better skin. Using the proper night time skin care routine can absolutely help your natural healing process as your cell turnover is 8 times faster, softening your wrinkles and returning a healthy glow to your skin.

As you can see nighttime is the right time to take years off your face or prevent them in the first place.

I would like to help you increase the results your skin gets from the natural healing cycle that occurs at night time by prescribing a night time skin care routine just for you.

Call me or email the salon or better yet, come and see me for one of my facials and I would love to discuss how we will keep looking young and beautiful.

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