Doctors Use Thermage to Improve Both Skin Laxity and Cellulite.

November 16th, 2013

Doctors and their medical personal are the only ones allow to administer Thermage to improve both skin laxity and cellulite. This treatment uses radio-frequency to heat up the skin to the point of discomfort. It is in fact damaging the skin and therefore triggering the skin’s healing mechanism in order to produce collagen.

If your skin is really sagging the effectiveness of the treatment will probably do very little. The best candidates in my opinion are those with mild or moderate skin laxity. That being said since it can improve the skin’s tightness it can have an effect on cellulite. Many experts say that the effects of the treatment will last for years and I feel that this is not accurate since the skin’s is constantly changing. Other things should be done in order to maintain of keep the results. Full body LED light therapy will keep or maintain the results. Exercise and diet of course are equally vital.

In this video I share my viewpoint and I hope you find this information useful.

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