Organic Face Cleanser for Revitalizing the Skin

November 4th, 2008

By C.A. Vargas

As an esthetician Joanna Vargas has come across all types of skin and skin care products. What she has fund out is that European countries have some of the strictest guidelines and regulations for skin care products. They do this to protect the public and of course prevent misinformation regarding what these skin care products can do.

In the same vein European organic skin care product go through a rigorous certification process or qualifying steps in order to be called organic skin care. One such product is the ILA face cleanser, which Joanna Vargas found through research and because many of her clients from across the pond used it.

It is biodynamic and has great restorative powers. In my opinion it helps the face to recover from much of the elemental abuse it gets everyday and the usual factors that cause skin to age.

The moment you open the bottle, you will smell the wonderful purity of the ingredients in this cleanser. Containing the rich antioxidant Argan Oil, this cleanser is both soothing and deeply cleansing. It contains no alcohol, so its great for even the driest of skin.

I find it really helps to heal the ravages of the environment on the skin and leaves you with a radiant glow.

Some of the main ingredients found in this wonderful product are: Aloe for soothing, Orange Blossom and Rose for cleansing and nourishing, Pomegranate Seed Oil for rejuvenating. It is at once luxurious and practical- you will feel like you have just had a facial after use and it even removes waterproof mascara! Massage a quarter size of the cleanser into the skin, eyes and mouth. Rinse with lukewarm water.

This cleanser will bring back a much needed glow to tired, listless skin. Your skin will become light, clean and fresh!

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