Facial Exfoliating Mask Can Reduce Pore Size

May 15th, 2012

The most visible sign of how well you feed your body is healthy, glowing skin. Unfortunately pore size has nothing to do with your diet although consuming healthy foods improves how well they work.

The role of your pores is to keep your skin free of impurities but this is limited by poor skin care and a poor diet. This can lead to pores becoming clogged, causing blackheads, breakouts and over time becoming enlarged.

And although genetics plays a role in how big your pores are there are ways to make them appear smaller via a good skin care routine and nutrition. WATCH THE VIDEO FOR MORE TIPS AND TRICKS.

How To Diminish Pore Size By Exfoliating

Your pores serve an important purpose: to provide oil to the skin’s surface, which makes your skin feel soft. This oily substance called sebum, works to reduce the amount of water we lose through the skin and also to protect and moisturize the skin.

The advantage of people with oily skin is that they will look younger than those with dry skin as a result. This of course might not be considered a benefit if you suffer from this condition and if not handled some people may develop larger than normal size pores.

Your nutrition plays a role in controlling oily skin, especially if you eat lots of processed foods. Your body cannot possibly absorb or digest foods high in fat. The body then tries to eliminate this excess waste through your skin.

A good skin care routine, such as deep cleansing facials help tremendously as you are helping your body draw out impurities and decongest pores. This allows pores to do their job and not become clogged that can ultimately lead to breakouts.

Another way to reduce pore size is by having a regular skin care routine at home that compliments your professional facials. This is done by removing make-up and the daily grime at nighttime using a gentle face wash and by exfoliating twice a week.

There is no doubt that you can achieve the skin you always wanted but like anything worth while you need to work at it.

This does not mean hard and laborious effort but just enough discipline and consistency to give you the results you want.

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