Facial Fanatic

October 10th, 2008

Source: She Knows
March 2008

As a beauty editor, you get the opportunity to be something of a beauty ho. Each week, you visit a salon for a new treatment, whether it’s hair, skin, or hair removal (and much in between). You hardly ever visit the same place twice, because you owe it to your readers to experience as much variety as possible, passing it on to them. (Really, how much could you learn from, say, me going to the same salon regularly to get the same hair cut? Nothing. Exactly.)

That said, I feel compelled to keep getting my facials at Joanna Vargas skincare in New York City…and no amount of editor-guilt is curing me of my obsession. Once you’ve experienced the best, who needs the rest? (It has to be true, it’s what’s written on my pizza delivery box.) Read the full story