Have a Facial And Get A Valentine's Day Special

February 10th, 2010

Just like everyone else, I have concerns about my skin, or things I would like to work on. My skin needed a lot of attention in my earlier years. What I discovered along the way, were simple steps, that if done regularly, will give you the skin you always wanted.

Combining the right routine for home along with a great facial on a regular basis, you can have the results you want as immediately as possible.

Clarify Your Complexion With The MultiVitaLight!


I designed each one of my facials with immediate results in mind. I know of no girl that wants to wait to look good, and I’m no different. However, I was not comfortable with using invasive procedures that will eventually harm the skin.

This is the reason I chose results oriented organic skin care products, with specific ingredients in mind, as I know what type of results YOU will get when I use them.

The MultiVitaLight is 75 minutes of pure concentrated beauty. It has all the basic elements needed and each BOOST the efficiency of the prior step.


The Essentials: Microdermabrasion for fresh new skin, Phyt’s customized cocktail of vitamins and other active ingredients to completely restructure the surface of your skin, the powerful LED light treatment to boost collagen and elastin, and we end with 98% pure oxygen, infused with an antioxidant spiked serum.

Needless to say, this treatment is invaluable and it gives real results!

Regular Price: $300
Valentine’s Day Special: $255

I want to wish everyone one of you a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

We are getting RAPIDLY booked up, so make your appointments now so you get the time slot you have in mind. Please call the salon in New York City at 212/949.2350.


Joanna Vargas Skin Care