Firm Your Skin With Microcurrent Facials for The New Year

January 2nd, 2013

You’ve found the perfect head-turning attire for New Year’s Eve. Now it’s time to conjure jaw-dropping glowing and youthful skin for the night. The best spas in NYC provide their celebrity clients and women in the know the groundbreaking microcurrent facials. These proven facials are the preferred weapon of choice if you want firmer skin instantly and the results are cumulative.

This is the perfect spa treatment as it is gentle enough for skin that’s sensitive, dry or oily and best of all, its non-invasive, meaning you can walk out and go straight to your event without any downtime.

What Dermatologists Say About Microcurrent

According to Dermatology Consultants, an organization celebrating 75 years of service, they ‘use the advanced Bio-Therapeutic MicroCurrent system to deliver small amounts of electric current in order to trigger cellular chemical reactions that will strengthen the muscles underneath the skin. This muscle re-education can create greater definition in the skin of the face and the body… The small amount of electrical current delivered by a MicroCurrent system mirrors the natural current of the body, and can yield incredible aesthetic results.’

How Does Microcurrent Repair Damaged Skin?

By mimicking the natural bio-electrical currents that is generated by cells and by re-establishing this connection with damaged cells, microcurrent actually reverses the damage from workaday life, environmental factors and premature aging. You can expect an overall improvement in firmness, returned elasticity and more defined features from the first treatment.

The Joanna Vargas Spa in NYC offers this ultimate skin therapy to all of her celebrity and business clientèle and is the most popular choice in anti aging face care. The positive effects of this electrical facial are innumerable including:

• A natural lift for an ageless visage
• Reduced fine lines and wrinkles for smooth texture
• Stimulation of cell turnover to expel damaged tissue for flawless appearance
• Increases circulation and blood flow for dramatic luminosity
• Re-defines the jawline and cheekbones for more pronounced contours.
• Heightens collagen and elastin production for younger looking skin

What top spas offer with microcurrent facials?

Prestigious spas that offer this treatment are Kate Somerville in Los Angeles, The Peninsula Spa in Chicago, using the well known CACI system that also incorporates LED light therapy, The Four Seasons hotel in New York City and others. This holistic approach to skin care is consider essential for retaining a youthful complexion and is your best bet when it comes to anti aging facials.

This spa treatment will complement your skincare routine and skin diet to help you retain the radiant results of your professional facial. This is the age-reversing path that Joanna Vargas’ highly knowledgeable aestheticians puts clients on to achieve a glowing outcome for New Year’s Eve and beyond 2013 for ageless radiance.

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