Healthy Foods For Your Blood Type

May 29th, 2011


You might not think that a diet can have a dramatic impact on your skin and how it looks until you adhere to one long enough to see the results. Certain foods can make your skin supple, clear as a bell, youthful looking and much more.

The other side of the coin is that process foods or food with low nutritional value WILL impact your skin negatively. These foods will cause acne and not have enough of your skin’s building blocks to prevent wrinkles or fight off free radicals, damaging your skin and aging you beyond your years. And ultimately this is the reason I use organic skin care products for your skin as they provide a lot of the needed nutrients for your skin.

Below there is an interesting way of choosing the foods you should eat and avoid those that might impact negatively your health and the look and feel of your skin.

I never gave much thought to my blood type until I was pregnant and then suddenly my blood type was like the Rosetta Stone of my genetic connection to my child. My blood type, “O positive”, is the oldest human blood type walking this wonderful planet and this new found knowledge gave me a new tilt and center of gravity on how I choose my foods.

In essence I thought “I am ancient” and my next thought was, what do I need to do to preserve the health of this ancient being that is me? For starters, Type O is the Cro-Magnon hunter, the gatherer of his diet, eating fish, animals, berries, nuts and roots along the migratory journey from Africa into Europe and Asia when the northern freeze began to melt away.

If you have Type O blood you can treat yourself to a heaping serving of blackberry a helping of tender juicy grilled lamb with rosemary drizzle and a side of sweet potato hash. Or if you prefer fish, take your pick of Omega-3 varieties: grilled ginger honey salmon with enoki or chantrell mushrooms and a side carrot salad with walnuts and cranberries. Sorry, pork and goose, I know your favorites right, are to be avoided by the O blood type! Sadly, cinnamon is an off the chart spice for the “O” diet.

Type O I now understand that is the survivor at the top of the food chain with an innately strong immune system.
The Agrarian peoples who domesticated animals and supported their diet on agriculture were the original A blood types. The seat of civilization Mesopotamia, is where the original “A’s” sprung from. Type A morphed directly from “O” and has the immune system built that battled the first urban plagues. People of this blood type are found mostly in Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and Japan. If you are an “A” you get to feast of the wide variety of all foods cultivated and domesticated—the farmer’s diet. Warning: dairy and meat aren’t easily digested by A’s because of your low stomach-acid content. For lunch or dinner try a grilled wild caught rainbow trout with a side of warm fig butter for dipping. Then add sautéed organic kale, swiss chard, red onion in garlic olive oil for a balanced healthy “A” meal.

Where we find my friend’s daughter is in the B blood type. The “B’s” trekked from Eastern Africa to the Highlands of the Himalayas. Southern Asian diet is where you will find the origin of this blood type at its healthiest, with very little dairy if any. As it turns out, dairy is actually beneficial to Type B’s. You can happily indulge in a variety of cheeses and dairy: goat milk cheese and provolone, muensters, goudas and brie! Kefir, yogurts, feta and cottage cheese are highly beneficial foods if you are of B type blood.

Broil up some Mahimahi, the ultimate fish for a healthy B, with sweet chili white wine and butter. Your body will love you for the navy bean and beet salad drenched in olive oil. Mutton stew with carrots, red pepper, and potatoes would have been the meal of the original healthiest B people. Of course you have to remember what foods to avoid for optimal health. I hate to break the bad news: ice cream, artichokes, white corn, olives, tomatoes and tofu are some of the absolute no-no foods for “B’s.”

AB is the modern and rarest blood type—merging Type A Caucasian and Type B Mongolian blood. Less than 5 percent of the world’s population has this blood type. So you are a rare gem if “B” is your type. Magically you appeared between 10 or twelve centuries ago. You have the advantage of being less prone to allergies, arthritis, lupus and inflammation! A chunky turkey burger with mozzarella, a side of baked garlic yam frites, and with a large glass of organic raspberry Kefir is the modern AB’s healthy lunch.

Afterwards pile on a yummy fruit salad of pineapple, kiwi, grapefruit and cherries for alkalines to balance the acids in muscle tissue. Just a few “AB” food no-no’s: bananas, coconuts, orange, avocado, pepper.

Keep in mind, wild caught fish is always best over farm raised with none of the funky color additives. Go free range for any meats you buy whenever possible and avoid hormone injected meat products for the highest quality and better overall health.

Choose organic produce as often as your budget will allow since you ingest the chemical pesticides that come with non-organic foods. We know how we feel when we are healthy–when we eat natural whole foods that are most nutritious for us: we feel strong, our skin glows, are blood flows. (Reference and for more interesting details check out “Eat Right for Your Blood Type by Dr. Peter J.D Adamo, Putnam Press 1996)

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