Help Soothe Those Tired Eyes

November 15th, 2008

Help Soothe Those Tired Eyes With An Organic Eye Cream

Every woman I know, at one time or another has fought against the unpleasant problem of under eye bags, dark circles or bloodshot eyes. No one, me included, enjoys looking tired and under the weather. As we age, fat under the eyes naturally shifts and redistributes. This causes skin to lose elasticity, allowing puffiness and dark circles to become more prominent.

Topical formulas that contain caffeine and vitamin C help to eliminate puffiness and reduce discoloration. Another simple solution is sleep. Doctors recommend a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night, or as close to this as possible. This seems like a very simple and obvious solution, but many of us are quick to deny our body the rest it needs to recharge from the chaos of everyday life.

A good organic eye cream is another useful component in your arsenal against dark circles. Fluide Contour, an organically certified eye cream by Phyts, contains ingredients such as hazel seed oil, sunflower oil and ylang-lang to calm and nourish the sensitive thin skin under your eyes. Apply a small amount to the eye area both morning and night to hydrate and rebuild the skin and obtain lasting results.

Bloodshot eyes, whether they are caused by lack of sleep or allergies can easily be alleviated. Applying a hot or cold compress helps to reduce itchiness and redness while soothing and shrinking blood vessels. If you wear contacts, switch to glasses for a day, and use lens solution that is natural and preservative free.

There are also a myriad of quick fix but extremely invasive surgical solutions that lifts the skin and tissue around the eyes back into place. Hyaluronic acid injections to plump up the tired skin around the eyes. Though these seemingly simple remedies offer instant gratification to the issue, organic and non invasive treatments are much easier and safer on the skin and produce a more lasting effect.

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