How Does Flax Seed Protect Your Skin

January 13th, 2012

How does flax seed protect your skin? You may have seen those infinitely tiny brown seeds sprinkled on granola or delicious high fiber muffins. It can easily be a part of any health nut’s choice as part of their diet. Flax seed comes from a flowering plant that produces little blue petals and flax seed. The seeds of the flax plant are heat processed for potent oils that are high in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 (linoleic acid) and Your Skin

Flax seed contains alpha linoleic acid, a specific type of omega 3 that helps regulate healthy skin function. Because our bodies don’t naturally produce these fatty acids, it is essential to choose a balanced diet including omega 3 to replenish the beneficial nutrients necessary for ageless skin.

The hydrating properties of fatty acids also help to protect skin from dryness and irritation. And as omega 3s are absorbed and retained throughout epidermal tissue, the skin is softened with a radiant luster. These vital acids in flax seed are known to soothe and reduce the symptoms of rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and inflammation from extreme skin conditions. In the process it improves the complexion of your skin, leaving it velvety smooth with regular application.

Whether you choose flax seed flour for baking, the oil to dress your salads, or as a supplement, your skin will receive a positive boost from the dose of omega 3s present in these nutritional options. Flax oil can be taken orally and applied topically as it strengthens cell membranes for balanced beautiful skin.

A deficiency of omega 3 can lead to diminished cellular growth which results in the occurrence of premature aging of skin. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that women ages 40-74, who chose a diet high in linoleic acids, had fewer visible signs of aging.

A What Flax Oil is Best?

Take a look at the varieties available, but bear in mind that flax seed oil is best when stored in dark bottles to best preserve the nutrients. When the oil is exposed to air the antioxidants properties lose their potency, so it is wise to choose vacuum sealed containers rather than bulk flax oil. Be sure to refrigerate the oil after opening to retain the quality. If you can find an organic option, you’ll have the ultimate free radical fighting skin elixir that shields your skin from all manner of environmental contaminants.

Try combining flax oil can be with bergamot or your favorite essential oil. Apply this nourishing moisturizer to your face for magnificent hydration, protection from the elements and the changes that come about with aging. Your skin will beam with youthful radiance!