How The Spa Pros Combat Acne

February 18th, 2015

Whether you’re a teenager or adult striving for clear skin, the spa pros have the best methods to combat acne with complete results.  Finding a soothing natural face care routine is a critical step to inhibit the onset of breakouts.  With so many skincare options it is often necessary to have professional guidance on the goto products and methods that deliver optimal results.  In this way you can prevent pimples, blackheads and subsequent blemishes with clean, clear and glowing skin as the final outcome.

Top tips from leading NYC spa…

Green juice daily.  This goes for the inside of the body in the form of vitamin rich veggies, as well as the outside of the body.  The Daily Serum, thoughtfully crafted by celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, is touted as the green juice of natural skincare loaded with a full range of nutrients including Vitamins A, C and E as well as moisture retaining galactoarabinan derived from the native Larch tree. Feeding your skin in this way brings balance as dermal function is regulated for maximum health.


LED Therapy.  It has been proven by science and thoroughly tested by the top that certain forms of light emitting diodes (LED) have the ability to activate the skin’s healing capacity and soothe inflamed  conditions.  Cell regeneration is enhanced while collagen and elastin production gets a dramatic boost for a younger looking complexion.  This is great news for acne prone skin as the LED goes to work to offset the arrival of pimples and ease existing breakouts for noticeable clarity.

“I use a combination of diet and red and blue LED light treatments. Eating the right veggies with every meal goes a long way to helping clear up the skin. However, blue LED light treatments kill the acne causing bacteria and red light reduces inflammation.”—Joanna Vargas

Avoid bar soap face cleansers.  Instead use a soap dispenser such as you’ll find with the Vitamin C Face Wash to avoid spreading bacteria.

Avoid touching and picking at skin.  Easier said than done, I know, but dirt and oils from the fingertips can trigger breakouts.  So this is the best reason to curb the habit. And if you need another incentive to quit picking at skin: it leads to unsightly blemishes that no one wants.

Use paper towels to dry skin.  What happens when you use that same face towel repeatedly?  You’re transferring any collected bacteria and other microbes that inhabit a day old towel to your face.  Fresh paper towels are your new tool to educe the likelihood of spreading those acne causing bacteria.

Exfoliate.  Removal of old dermis helps to unclog pores to prevent the formation blackheads.  Twice weekly is recommended by spa experts. Note: exfoliating too often can strip the skin of its essential natural oils.

Be sure to consult your knowledgable aesthetician at Joanna Vargas for more of the latest tips for keeping acne at bay…


Deanna Lane has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University–now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC.  Otherwise-trekking the national museum scene…