How To Achieve Clear Milky Skin

April 18th, 2009

Having lily-white skin is both a curse and a blessing to most women. It creates all sorts of unwanted skin condition and can be frustrating if you don’t know how to maintain it. Having the proper makeup is also a key factor in this constant juggling act. See if the makeup collection below is suitable for you and see what beauty guru, Joanna Vargas says about it.

Source: Chic Today
By Stephanie Nolasco

The ever desired English Rose look, is without doubt, one that cannot be achieved with the use of make-up. However, being blessed with lily-white skin often creates an unwanted battle of finding the right makeup. On April 18th, Nicola Roberts, the 22-year-old pop singer from UK girl band Girls Aloud, revealed the secret behind maintaining clear milky features. Thanks to her collaboration with the famed makeup line Jelly Pong Pong, Roberts unveiled her limited edition collection: Dainty Doll.

Roberts, determined to find the best foundation for her delicate skin, visited Taiwan last year and collaborated with chemists experimenting with various formulas and product experiments. After numerous testing and research, the results came in the form of creamy soufflé foundations in porcelain and ivory, leaving the skin oil free without drying; a perfect match for Roberts’ combination skin. The blush and contour set in apricot and blossom pink are not only the best colors for light skin, but also enhance the cheekbones. The plumping gloss in warm nutmeg and ripe pink contains chili extract and also acts as a natural lip enhancer. The hero product however, is the concealer which is currently creating a huge buzz and making Dainty Doll one of the hottest products for summer. Most concealers are typically created solely to hide blemishes and dark under-eye circles whereas The Dainty Doll concealers are made to hide and simultaneously moisturize. The product is infused with grape seed oil; a vital ingredient for enhancing softness to the skin and creating a smooth appearance “The use of grape seed oil is actually quite brilliant for anyone’s skin, but particularly well suited for pale, sensitive skin,” says Joanna Vargas, a New York City-based skincare specialist. Michael Wolfgeher, a Los Angeles skincare expert who uses grape seed oil in his own products, agrees. “Grape seed oil has incredible anti-inflammatory benefits that promote healing, while also helping to reduce bruising and redness of the skin”. Wolfgeher even reveals that researchers are currently studying how Resveratrol, a molecule existing in grapes, could prevent and treat anti-aging diseases. Talk about going skin deep!

Roberts’ Dainty Doll range is now available at Jelly Pong Pong’s website, and will hopefully give our lighter sisters a wider selection of beauty options, whilst at the same time increase awareness surrounding skincare. “Think about when you are being good to your body and taking supplements and going to the gym. Well, the same thing happens to your skin,” says Vargas. “When fed the proper doses of vitamins, skin will respond by looking its best-dewy, glowing, and young.”