How to Avoid and Reduce Sun Spots on Skin Naturally

April 8th, 2011

By Eduardo Lopez

One should never ignore the damage sun can do to your skin. Such negligence can be very dangerous. Not only does sun age the skin causing dryness and wrinkle formation which is unsightly, it can also rob your skin of its luster, and awful age spots can appear. These liver spots indicate that your skin is weak in these areas and can lead to more dangerous things like the deadly skin cancer, melanoma. However it is extremely easy to prevent these unsightly blemishes from appearing on the skin and every one can have a youthful and healthy skin.

The sun can damage your skin since the ultra violet rays penetrate the surface of the skin. Once the sun works below the surface, it generates the build up of melanin in your skin. This build up of melanin appears on the surface of the skin as liver spots or sun spots. The sun also works in other ways to damage the skin by weakening the elastin and collagen layer or the skin. This loss of collagen and elastin leads to loss of moisture in the skin. This leads to aging, wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, sun damage to skin leads to building up of harmful free radicals that can really speed up your aging.

The best way to avoid all this damage is to take care of the skin. Some simple and time tested skin care routines significantly reduce the risk of getting sun spots on skin. If you must go out in the sun, you should always wear sun protection Carry a sun block with you always. Ensure that you apply sun block on your face, hands and the areas of the body that come are exposed to the sun rays. One neglected area is the shoulders. When you apply sun block, always apply some on your shoulders and neck area too. The other thing you have to do is eat wisely. Increase the portions of fruits and vegetables in your diet. This should strengthen your body against free radicals, and also cleanse the system of the amount of free radicals present in your body. Foods that are rich in antioxidants like kiwi, sea weed, cabbage and broccoli are your best defense against free radicals.

If you already have sun spots on skin, you can use some natural ways of reducing these ugly marks. There are many skin care products available in the market but few of them are really effective. Natural ingredients are the most effective way of treating sun spots on the skin. Unfortunately companies making skin care products do not use them regularly since they make the product very expensive. Ensure that your skin care product does not have harmful ingredients that will bleach the skin but harm your skin even further. You need a natural melanin inhibitor, containing natural things. Honey and yogurt can help lighten age spots; another popular formulation is one with licorice and glycolic acid. There is an herb called gotu kola which, if taken daily strengthens your skin and system internally and stimulates growth of new cells. It also rejuvenates your skin by encouraging collagen production. Check the ingredients of your skin care product and ensure that these things are present in them.

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