How To Erase Laugh Lines And Other Age Realted Issues

June 18th, 2014

One of the biggest sources of aging is the sun and second biggest one is smoking. Many people think they are just getting old but truth be told is what they did during their early years that has the biggest effect on their skin. Maybe I should say what they did not do as that is perhaps more appropriate.


Pucker Up?

Developing smile lines is a fear for many, but there are several ways to battle them

While many of us wage the battle against aging and attempt to ward off creases in the forehead and crinkling around the eyes, we might be forgetting one very key area: the mouth. “Nothing shows age and damage more than the delicate lip and mouth area,” says facilist-to-the-stars Joanna Vargas. “Years of smoking and sun seem to suddenly rear their ugly head overnight; even a tough, cold winter can make vertical lines appear around the mouth,” adds the NYC-based expert. “All those bright spring lip colors will look horrible on a mouth with lines the color bleeds into.”
“Lips can show telltale signs of aging—atrophy of the lip structures, lengthening of the lip height and marionette lines are becoming big issues and I feel they should be addressed,” seconds Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Stafford Broumand, who treats the area with specific combinations of injectables and topical treatments. Vargas suggests a good place to start is with exfoliation. “I always encourage my clients to use my Exfoliating Mask around the mouth area,” she says. In her office, she says professional exfoliations, microcurrent facials and LED light treatments are amazing for this targeted area; she recommends clients have monthly treatments starting in their 20s. That said, “nothing beats a hat and sunscreen on a daily basis. Smoking and the sun are the main cause for those lines.”

Dr. Broumand agrees, using a high SPF daily and avoiding cigarettes are the best way to smile line-free. “Genetics do play a part in how we age, but we can start preventative measures to help the years be a bit more graceful to us.” Additionally, he treats the lines with a filler chosen specifically for that patient, using a special airbrush technique he developed with his own formulation to smooth the fine lines—the result is a “reasonable look, nothing overdone like what we’ve seen in the past.”

For day to day, Vargas swears by Bite Beauty’s Line & Define Lip Primer, which she says conditions the lip line prior to applying color, adding temporary relief. And there are eye creams that are safe to use around the lips as well, such as Bakel’s new super lifting and firming Thio-C serum, which Space NK founder Nicky Kinnaird swears by for smoothing lines around the mouth. “Most women have more concern for their smile lines than the eye area,” says Vargas. “I think they’ve watched their moms and grandmas age and they’re fearful when they see those first lines crop up for them.” The good news is, the technology just gets better and better.

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