How to Pick the Best Day Spa in NYC?

June 26th, 2012

With so many day spas touting the best facial care experience, choosing one for your skin can be overwhelming. During the summer months it is especially important to treat your skin to a professional spa treatment that is nourishing and restorative. During this time your complexion and skin are getting bombarded with sun and UV rays that will wither your beautiful skin.

The best day spa and your chosen aesthetician can make recommendations for your specific skin type to maintain optimal health and help prevent environmental damage due to summer weather. Additionally, they can help you select a daily skin care regimen that will help you will achieve skin that you can be proud of.

What you want to achieve from any facial will depend on your skin type and age. Some of you might want a rejuvenating facial, like the famous Triple Crown Facial, by celebrity skin care guru Joanna Vargas. This is a three step facial that includes at it’s core microcurrent for lifting and firming your skin. Leaving it youthful and radiant in appearance.

Other will want a deep cleansing facial that, ideally, improves circulation, unclog pores, soften fine lines and enhances facial tone. Some of these facials can also promote cell regeneration and bring to the fore the freshest skin possible. But how do you choose the best day spa in New York City and a skincare professional to help you achieve these results?

Finding a day spa treatment doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Remember you are pampering your way toward healthy skin, so this should be a relaxing experience. Here are few helpful tips for selecting the best spa for your personal needs:

If you have a friend or two who have enviable skin, ask them to share the name of their favorite day spas and aestheticians.

Do a bit of research on line to see what facials you find most appealing. LED Light therapy, Microcurrent Facials, Oxygen Facials, European and more.

Do research and see what the the bigger the publication on and off line are saying are the best facialist and skin care gurus. Publications like Vogue, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar and more are very selective in who they write about since their readers really trust them.

Checking out your options on the internet can give you a sense of what’s offered at spas and clarity about how you want your skin to be treated for the best facial experience.

If you have a wellness center you use regularly, ask for tips there where they often have holistic options for natural skincare provided by partnering day spas.

Look into the products offered at your local day spas. It is best to look for organic products or natural skin care products with few or no chemical additives for the best skincare. Choosing products light on chemical ingredients also ensures less allergic reactions for sensitive skin types.

Once you have made your choice, relax and put your trust in the skills of a recommended face care professional who will help you manage the health of your skin. Often spa treatments are most effective when performed over time, so be patient in attaining your goals. If you don’t achieve the desired results be honest with your aesthetician about this. Now go ahead and put yourself in the pampering hands of your reputable day spa to rejuvenate your skin.

Finally start reaping the benefits of superior skin care today and stop wondering if you can have beautiful skin. Call Joanna Vargas for your appointments NOW at 212.949.2350 and if you are a first time client GET $50 off your first treatment.

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