How To Rejuvenate Your Skin With An At Home Skin Facial

June 12th, 2012

As marigold tufts decorate altars for festive celebrations like El DIa De Los Muertos think of all the benefits this golden flower holds for your body and skin’s health. Found in the regions of the Americas, Western Asia and Europe, Calendula Officinalis is one of the magnificent floral varieties in the marigold family tree better known as Asteraceae.

Calendula’s first major benefit is that it contains flavonoids, a plant based antioxidant that protects epidermal cells from free radicals. Applying this rich flower to your skin creates a barrier against environmental damage from pollution, smoke, smog, and a broad range of chemicals ever present in the atmosphere of daily living. Truly an age-defying skin care potion.

This vivid multi-petal flower has been used topically to reliably treat eczema, burns, wounds, and numerous other skin irritations. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that easily soothes flare-ups and swelling of skin after exposure to the elements. Calendula is superb at reducing acne outbreaks in small doses. So you can toss the chemical anti-acne treatments in favor of the perfect floral solution to some of the most common skin ailments. The natural moisturizing properties present in calendula oil make it the best skin care ingredient for alleviating winter dry skin.

Another fine benefit in our orange floral friend, is the carotenoid (Vitamin A) content that is known to enhance immunity from infection; lower the risk of (skin) cancer and nourishes skin for maximum health and rejuvenation. As we head into the winter season, know that you have relief from frost-bite among calendula’s many medicinal uses.

While there are innumerable products on the market that tout calendula as a prime ingredient, organic calendula is well worth adding to your own at home skin care recipes. Should you choose to shop skin care products instead, bare in mind that organic skin care is the wisest choice you can make for the healthiest skin that will revive your youthful appearance. If you prefer to experiment with the finest organic calendula at home you’ll be surprised at how easy the process is.

Organic Calendula Shea Butter

Here is an easy at home recipe that you can apply to your skin after indulging in the best facial using natural skin care ingredients at your cozy day spa—right at home.

Place a handful Calendula in 1 cup of organic avocado or sesame oil and let it sit for a few weeks in a well lit (sunny) place.

Strain off the final calendula oil.
Place 1 cup organic Shea butter in a pot on low heat.

Slowly add in the calendula oil.

Remove the mixture from heat and place in your favorite decorative glass jars (add a dried calendula flower to top it off).

You now have created the best organic skin care that offers the richest moisturizing experience for your skin to chase away the oncoming dry winter skin leaving silk radiance in its place.

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