Hydration Is Key For Luminous Winter Skin

December 14th, 2011

Now that the dry winter weather is on its way, it is time to intensify daily moisturizing routines to maintain the health of your skin. The cold can bring about dry, itchy and irritated skin that demands soothing relief. If you are naturally prone to these conditions, then you may have already considered some of these nourishing rejuvenating oils to treat dry skin. Also watch this short video about the Oxygen Purifying facial. It hydrates your complexion giving it a natural radiance and bloom.

Some of the best ways to reduce dry skin and retain your body’s moisture are: drinking water regularly, maintaining humidity in your dwelling and applying nutrient rich skin care daily. Avoiding over consumption of dehydrating beverages like coffee and alcohol prevents the onset of dry flaky skin, which in turn results in fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, sampling some of the finest essential oils provided by nature will offer your skin maximum moisture during the winter.

Jasmine has antiseptic properties and is perfect for naturally treating winter skin. The oils are extracted from the sweetest smelling flowers and it’s potent moisturizing abilities reduce fine lines. Jasmine easily minimizes the redness and itching of dry sensitive skin that occur during the colder season.

Rosemary contains essential iron, calcium, and vitamin B6. The vitamin rich oil is antibacterial and promotes blood circulation for the healthy appearance of your skin when applied topically.

Chamomile oil calms as it regenerates soft epidermal tissue for a smooth radiance. It soothes and reduces skin inflammation as a result of acne, rashes and other minor skin irritations.

Geranium improves elasticity as it balances the production of your skin’s natural oils, especially important in the dryness of winter climate. This is an invigorating essential oil that also boosts healthy blood circulation for optimally soothed smooth skin.

Sweet Orange oil brightens and refreshes dull weather worn skin. Its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties saturate the pores with purifying invigoration. All skin types can benefit from the variety of orange oils that include bergamot and mandarin. This citrus oil can have lightening effects so sample it first on a spot of skin before devoting yourself to regimen of sweet orange oil.

These marvelous moisturizing oils bring a stimulating bouquet of aromatherapy as they quench and soften dry skin. They are light enough so as not to weigh down skin and help to bundle your skin against the intense freeze of deep winter. You can create lovely blends of these oils to suit your personal needs by consulting with a professional skincare specialist. Your skin will retain its beautiful luminosity in spite of the cold climate with these proven essential oils that are truly health-enhancing and ultra hydrating.