I Have Been Going To My Dermatologist for Peels And IPL’s

October 29th, 2013

Dear Ms. Vargas,

Thank you for such a generous gift of the Rejuvenation Serum! Wow – This serum is nectar from the gods!

Yes, I have been taken care of my skin since I was in my 20’s and yes, within the past 5 years, I have been going to my dermatologist for peels and IPL’s, but this serum takes it to a whole new level. This morning my face and especially my neck looks “all ironed out” and feels moist. Can I use this on my entire body?

I order the rest of the [skincare] line this morning – the face wash, Daily Serum and Exfoliating Mask. Superb, I’m sure. I am specially enjoying your newsletter which is very informative and easily understood.

I wish you ever expanding business.

Thank you. Your Florida client,