I Had Acne Since the Age of Fourteen

June 17th, 2009

I have had just about every kind of blemish on my face and chest starting at the age of 14. And with every type of blemish I have seen dozens of dermatologist and facialist to help my skin. I have been prescribed every topical and oral acne treatment that Western medicine uses to treat acne including Menocycline, antibiotics, and accutane. Some of the prescriptions did help my skin, some did not, and some made my skin worse.

All of which only helped my skin for a short while. I went to Joanna Vargas Salon after reading a testimonial from someone who suffered from the same acne problem as me. The treatments all use organic skin care products, made from all natural ingredients. Stuff that we are naturally supposed to consume and thrive on, nothing synthetic or potentially harmful to any part or organ of your body. Every facial appointment is customized to how your skin is/looking that day and home regiments are well thought out and customized to your skin type.

I am very pleased to have finally found someone who understands what my skin needs and can tell me what to do to help it. And best of all, using natural products. My skin is clearer, more radiant, and glowing. I actually get compliments from my friends and family on how great my skin looks and have recommended the salon to just about everyone I meet.

Thank you so much especially to Cecilia for sharing your expertise and taking the time to treat my skin so carefully and thoroughly. I will be coming back every chance I get!

Software engineer/consultant