I Tried Everything to Improve My Skin

October 31st, 2008

After a childhood of virtually flawless skin, I developed a terrible acne problem in my early 20s. No one in my family had ever had skin problems so without much guidance, I literally tried EVERYTHING to
improve my skin!

Prescription creams, Proactiv Solution, overpriced and totally ineffective skin products from Barney’s and Sak’s. Nothing worked and I felt like I was destroying my skin in the process. I’ve never had the oily or “acne-prone” skin that most acne products are designed for so my skin was constantly dry and irritated which just led to even more acne.

I had always lived a healthy active lifestyle and it made me feel so frustrated and powerless that I couldn’t get my skin to go back to normal. It hit it’s worst point when I stopped enjoying going out with friends because I was so self conscious about my skin. Around that time, my hairdresser recommended Joanna Vargas Skincare with the very highest praise so I figured why not give it a shot!

Though I had grown skeptical of empty promises that my skin would improve, I have to say I was immediately intrigued by Joanna’s all-natural, organic approach to treating the skin because it seemed
so logical compared to the harsh “burn-the-problem-away” approach that clearly hadn’t worked for me.

From the moment I entered, I felt immediately comfortable with Joanna. She understood my skin within
minutes of examining it. She devised a whole new skin routine for me and put me on a schedule of facials that worked for my needs and budget. (And unlike some skincare professionals, she has never tried to sell me anything I didn’t need!) I trusted Joanna instinctively, both professionally and personally. Her passion for her art and care for her clients is delightfully apparent to all who encounter her. Needless to say, I followed all of Joanna’s recommendations religiously and saw rapid improvement in the texture and look of my skin over a matter of months. And with the recent addition of biweekly
LED light treatments, my skin has essentially returned to its original flawless state, a result I never dreamed possible (let alone over the span of just 18 months!!)

Joanna’s care has been life-changing for me and I do not say that casually. My confidence in my skin has returned and it has made a big difference in my personal life as well as my career. On top of all
that, I have also come to consider Joanna a trusted adviser and friend. I would absolutely recommend Joanna to anyone with a serious skin concern like the one I had. Her warmth, personalized style of
care, and innovative blend of state-of-the-art technology and natural/organic treatments provide for a truly rare and wonderful skincare experience.

TV/Film Professional