I’d like To Buy 10 Years, Oh, and a Few Cures too

April 22nd, 2011

You’re standing at your local pharmaceutical store and the man or woman ahead of you asks to buy youth. You’re thinking he must be a nut-job right? Amazingly, this scenario isn’t too far-fetched with the newly-isolated protein, Sirtuin. Youth will shortly be available to the masses. The thing we’d love to keep at our older age and the thing we take for granted during our teenage and earlier years, will soon be a commodity thanks to shocking new scientific discoveries.

Recent research has shown that certain proteins, especially those that are found in tiny amounts in red wine, this protein can slow down the aging process, and in some cases potentially reverse it; scientists are still unlocking it’s true potential. Sirtuin has the distinct ability to restore your body’s cells to their original functioning capabilities and or slow down their degeneration rate. This can spell a whole new future for millions around the globe, potentially adding 25 years to the life spans of the human population!

Scientific research done on lab mice by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), shows the proteins’ benefits ranged from improved bone health, to a noticeable improvement on motor skills and coordination. These mice had shown an immense improvement in varying ages, old and young. This will provide a new life for our elderly when it comes to bone fragility and motor-problems, and also give an enhanced life of agility and strength to our younger generation.

What are the other effects of this protein other than age? Another study on Sirtuin shows that it also has an astonishing effect on the brain. Scientific mumbo-jumbo aside, it repairs the brain’s damaged tissues and restores neural connections. This could mean a cure for Alzheimer’s disease in the near future.

Lastly, the most prominent application other than age and brain recuperation; it’s effect on cancer. This protein has shown potential to heal and control cancerous cells. This could lead to even a cure for cancer itself! Sirtuin research, if continued, could contain many more cures. What will the future have to hold for your kids, or your kid’s kids? No one will know.

How much will this cost us? You may be asking. With mass production, it will not cost more than any other drug after some time. Initially the cost could be a hefty fee, but over time, and with some potential off-branding and competition, the price may go down quickly. Buying youth will be as easy as picking up the groceries.

Although this pill is in development, and even is rumored to have been tested on some of the scientists themselves, its probability is far-fetched. Research still needs to be done none-the-less; far-fetched is not the same as impossible, Bill Gates’ vision was even called far-fetched. This very potential pill will bring a major improvement in living conditions globally. So, instead of downing over 42 bottles of wine every day and drowning yourself in alcohol to get this protein; its best you wait till you can buy it in a concentrated-pill form. Meanwhile, drink your fine wines responsibly.

Timothy Frisch is an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin – Stout.  He is also the editor-in-chief, technology, and publisher of the “Pulaski News” in Pulaski Wisconsin as well as a regular contributor at ProbioticSmart.com and PSCLife.com – websites dedicated to bringing health and wellness to millions around the globe.