October 10th, 2008

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May 16 2007

Amazingly Bonita

There are two kinds of women: the ones that exfoliate, tone and moisturize and the ones that sud their face with the same soap that washed their body. No matter what category you fall into, your skin is perhaps the most important part of your body.

Think about it. Everyone looks at it, you can’t really cover it or hide it, and it requires maintenance so it could look young and fresh.

I won’t confess what category I fall into but I recently tested all kinds of facial treatments and I could tell you that the good, the bad, and the ugly are out there for sure! My conclusion is that the most to the point approach gives the best results.

Yes ladies, I had fruit and sea salt, even chocolate rubbed on my carita. When I skipped lunch I found it a great temptation to not eat what was on my face. Though all these treatments are interesting, I was looking forward to something that really made me look better.

Guess what? I found it. Right in Midtown, there is a little corner where the fountain of youthful glowy skin resides. Joanna Vargas Skin Care is a small cozy place right off of 42nd and 5th. I walked in and felt at ease right away. Joanna herself did her magic on me and when you see her own immaculate skin, I breathed a sigh of relief. After working with the one of the top celebrity facialists in the word, Joanna developed her own brand of facials that combine effective and holistic techniques.

I am told that I will look firm, young, and pretty. Vargas begins her signature facial, The Triple Crown, with a gentle exfoliation. She explains the technique and makes me feel very comfortable. It’s done with a diamond peel and it will remove dullness and impurities. Next step, a microcurrent stimulates the skin and promotes collagen and elastin. It’s like a little workout for your skin! To finish up she does an oxygen treatment with vitamin-infused pure oxygen.

Vargas says that I’m done; so I look in the mirror and I can’t believe the results. My skin is really glowing! I glowed all day and you know what I loved best? My skin started to look better and better everyday, even mi amorcito noticed and that will make any girl’s week!