Is It Important to Exfoliate During Winter?

December 1st, 2012

When the winter is blasting your skin you will begin to experience the dry scaly texture associated with this bone chilling season. Removing the worn layers of dermal tissue is vital to flawless skin and regular exfoliation aids in the process to bring healthy and radiant skin to the fore. But if you are committed to investing in your best asset, not just any exfoliating skincare product will do.

Luxury day spas, like Joanna Vargas Skin Care, offer thoughtfully hand-crafted high quality face care products. Exfoliants of this caliber feature the finest botanical ingredients not found in your average pharmacy-store brands, to naturally bring about the smoothest, softest complexion that turns heads.

What is the best exfoliant for winter?

Moisturizing exfoliants are most effective in promoting ageless radiance throughout winter and beyond. It is essential that lost moisture from cleansing be replenished to prevent fragility and the signs of maturing skin. The top exfoliating masks include vital hyaluronic acid (HA) that actually draws moisture to the skin as a humidifier would. That hydration is then sealed in to deliver a supple dewy appearance. HA also strengthens the bonds of elastin and collagen for the enhanced durability of connective tissue. Restored lovely faces can then better endure the seasonal chill.

Antibacterial lactic acid is the key ingredient that cleanses and loosens old dermal cells, making way for the new surface beneath. It is a natural way to rid the pores of bacteria and germs. This beloved beauty secret, of none other than the legendary Cleopatra, is known to deeply hydrate as an age-reversing ingredient. The soothing milk fills fine lines and wrinkles for a positively dramatic silken look.

Can exfoliating irritate sensitive skin during winter?

You know your skin best, so proceed with that in mind as you transition into a winter face care routine. However, those who are allergy-prone are encouraged to consult with a skincare professional to explore your options. Aestheticians at the leading NYC day spas offer the best exfoliating advice for all skin types.

The up side of using natural face care products is there are no harsh chemicals or synthetics that tend to irritate skin. High end exfoliants include dermal-balancing ingredients such as fruit enzymes and purifying kaolin clay to repair damage, detoxify and soothe inflamed conditions as they cleanse.

What other nutrients should an effective exfoliating mask offer?

Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium are three minerals essential for regulated dermal function to promote maximum radiant health. They are found in abundance in kaolin clay. As impurities are eliminated from the pores the minerals penetrate to protect against environmental factors such as UV rays.

Galactoarabinan (GA). A naturally occurring compound found in Larch Tree resin, accelerates the healing process to diminish blemishes and regenerate epidermal cells for glowing anti-aging results.

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