It will shrink your pore size

February 10th, 2010

Pore size can be reduced! A couple of things can increase the size of your pores: the presence of blackheads and oil production. Blackheads can stretch your skin and make your pores appear bigger and the amount of oil your skin produces dictates your pore size. Maintaining clean skin with monthly facials and a great home routine can give you smaller pores.

The VitaLight Can Reduce The Size of Your Pores!


Ever since I started doing LED light treatments I’ve been observing the many benefits that it can have on a person’s skin. Though I did not start doing them with the intention of reducing pore size, it has been an added benefit that has made a lot of my clients VERY HAPPY!

The cells in the body use light and convert it into ATP, the fuel that powers life at a cellular level.

This cellular fuel is used to carry out healing and rejuvenation in the treated area bringing balance to the skin. I have seen it restore normalcy to overly dry or very oily skin, amongst other things.

It corrects damage on the surface of the skin and improves the overall tone and texture of it.

Other benefits: erases fine lines and wrinkles, corrects sun damage, speeds collagen and elastin production giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

As always I hope this helps you understand your skin.

Additionally, my great esthetician, Melissa, is really becoming an expert at light treatments. Her two years of Premed studies as an undergrad has prepared her to really be an expert in caring for your skin care needs.

My goal is to make you look and feel gorgeous but I need your help in achieving this goal! Make your appointment now for a light treatment and I’ll see you soon. Call the salon in New York City at 212/949.2350.


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