I’ve Been Eating Genetically Modified Organisms

May 12th, 2012

I’m not sure if you all read the recent news on the popular cereal, Kashi. News agencies are reporting that Kashi contains GMO Soy.

I have been eating a handful of Kashi cereal in my morning yogurt for the past three years, including the entire time I have been pregnant! I’m personally pretty horrified that something I thought was organic and healthy turned out to be anything but.

I realized I needed to be more educated about GMO foods so I could make sure I was avoiding them for the sake of my family!

The video below is Kashi’s PR in response to the negative articles of late. In their defense they are trying to do something about it.

What are GMO Foods?

According to Wikipedia, GMO foods are foods genetically altered by litereally changing the DNA of the food for a specific result. The purpose of this method is, according to biotech companies, is to make a plant resistant to certain herbicides. Introduced to our supermarkets in 1996, GMO foods have been controversial since their inception.

As a mom, I want to be informed when I am buying these foods, so I can make a choice as to whether or not I want to serve them for dinner. As of right now, no such information is posted. So, I decided to give you guys a list of the most common foods that are genetically engineered. Knowledge is power!

Corn: According to Dr. Frank Lipman, one cannot purchase ANY corn, even “organic” corn, that is not GMO.

Soy: 60% of processed foods contain soy. Another reason to avoid snack foods!

Potato: According to the web site Healthy Child, the only type that is GMO is the Birbank Russet type. Developed to be lethal to a certain insect, it happens to also kill off the good insects too!

Tomato: They delay ripening and extend shelf life. Yuck!

Canola: Canola Oil is one of those “I thought it was a healthy alternative” foods. A safer choice is cooking with Coconut Oil or Olive Oil.

Cottonseed Oil: Found in baked goods, snack foods and salad dressings. Best to make your own!

Papaya: Farmers of organic papaya in Hawaii fear pollen from GMO papaya is contaminating their crops!

Radicchio: Engineered to be resistant to an herbacide, the Seed Link variety is the one to avoid.

Squash: Unfortunately, their resistance to viruses may have infected weeds as well, creating “Superweeds”!

Salmon: The effects on wild salmon are serious- the genetically altered salmon has the capability of wiping out all wild variety salmon into extinction!

Labels are not enough as by law a company does not need to make known that their food or a food products contain GMOs. The most common GE crops in the United States are soybean, corn, cotton, and canola.

And because many processed food products contain soybean or corn ingredients (e.g., high fructose corn syrup or soy protein), it’s estimated that 60 to 70 percent of processed foods in grocery stores include at least one GE ingredient.

Obviously, we all have to choose what’s best for our own families. But I do believe that the more we educate ourselves, the better off we all are. A healthy diet is part of what makes our skin beautiful.

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