Joanna Vargas On Martha Stewart's Living Today

August 1st, 2010

This Monday, August the 2nd at 1pm, I will be on Martha Stewart’s Living Today, a nationally syndicate radio show.

I will be talking about easy skin care solutions that you can do at home with items that you might have in your cupboard. I hope you can tune in.

Not only are you on your feet all day but with each passing year dryness and spider veins seem to only get worse.

These simple solutions undo a lot of life’s wear and tear to keep your feet and legs beautiful year-round.

There is a simple reason why feet can be prone to dryness. Too few oil glands and cell turnover slows with age. There is an equally simple reason to an increase in spider veins year after year. As we age, our circulation in areas that experience lots of stress, like the legs, get poorer and poorer.

The solution is simple. Take 10 minutes at least once a week to soak your whole body in a nice warm bath with dead sea salt, peppermint tea and chamomile tea. The dead sea salt will relax your muscles, provide the skin with essential minerals and loosen dead skin cells. The peppermint tea will cool and soothe ones aching legs and feet while the chamomile will calm the most stressed mind and body.

Next, use a body scrub with an oil base and scrub vigorously over the whole body, with particular attention to legs and feet. This increases the circulation in your legs while removing all the dead cells.

Scrubbing does two things: 1) It increases cell turnover, keeping your skin smooth and 2) the oil, like coconut, is extremely hydrating leaving your whole body supple.

Feeling young and staying young are things each of us must work at each day. For some is easier than others but always remember that you can do something about the way you look and feel.

I hope these simple tips can help you achieve all the beauty you want and need. In my next newsletter I will bring you more beauty tips that you can apply now for a more beautiful you.

Lastly, make your appointments at our skin care salon in New York City for the best facial or skin care treatment in town and please make it way in advance to get the times you want. 212/949.2350.


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