Joanna Vargas Solves the NYC Day Spa Experience for 2015

March 7th, 2015

The press often mentions the Joanna Vargas Salon among the top day spa experiences in NYC because she provides results oriented face care.  Some of the most sought after facials and full-body therapies are available at this beauty sanctuary for all skin types. Of Joanna’s Grapefruit Detox Cleanse, Beauty High has this to say: “[it] tightens pores, removes impurities and brightens the face. it’s everything you need in a [skincare] treatment post winter.  “

In the article “Hotspots for a Beauty Crawl,” She knows makes a compelling case for Joanna Vargas Microcurrent tone-up treatment: “Using self-adhesive rounds on problem areas there is no exercise needed.  It drains excess water, sculpting and shaping muscles.”  During Spa Week, OK magazine recognized that Joanna “knows how to give celebs a fabulous skin treatment.”   According to the on-line mag this Vargas special in particular is known as “one that Victoria Secrets models indulge in.”  In addition to top reviews for the spas services, Joanna is often applauded for her accessible persona and the unrivaled bed-side manner of her elegant aestheticians.


What Facial includes Advanced Skincare Technologies?

With the recent Oscars and Fashion Week, there have been many opportunities for celebrity and professional clientele to basque in the age-reversing tranquility of Joanna’s signature Triple Crown Facial.  American Spa featured Vargas’ A-list facial, that includes advanced microcurrent and pressurized oxygen to “lift the face and revitalize the lymphatic system.”  Her restorative collagen-building LED therapy is highlighted as well.

These three facial technologies are very popular as non-invasive alternatives to cosmetic surgery.  They offer safe approaches to anti-aging care with no healing time or side effects.  Results are cumulative and positively dramatic with a series of treatments. With an initial consultation  each can be custom tailored to meet individual needs

Oxygen.  Hyperbaric oxygen ensures the delivery of highly concentrated nutrient rich serums beneath the epidermal surface.  Skin cells are better saturated with moisture and complete nourishment.

Light.  LED (light emitting diodes) has the proven ability to increase the production of two vital anti-aging proteins: collagen and elastin. Dermal resiliency depends on the presence of these proteins to sustain youthful buoyancy and LED, once used by Navy SEALS to speed up cell regeneration, delivers.

Microcurrent.  When applied to sagging jawlines and brows mild electric currents restore definition to aging areas with a sculpted contours as a result.

Treating skin from the inside out as her holistic specialty, Joanna Vargas solves the needs of all of her clients regardless of professional or upcoming event.  Be sure to book your appointments well in advance as they fill up very fast…

Deanna Lane has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University–now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC.  Otherwise-trekking the national museum scene…