Joanna Vargas’s Organic Facial is The Talk of Town

June 7th, 2010

Source: Gay List Daily
May 25, 2010
New York City

Greens With Envy
Joanna Vargas’s organic facial is the talk of town

Nobody ever says, “I can’t wait to breathe in that fresh New York City air!”

Especially our skin.

Through the magic of smoke and mirrors (and MAC), our faces rarely fail to look fabulous, but a bit of a natural glow (without the sun) always provides a welcome boost to our visages. The brand new “All Greens with Envy” facial offered by celebrity-facialist Joanna Vargas does just the trick.

We already had a hard spot in our hearts for expert esthetician’s Fifth Avenue salon. After all, it does provide the “Triple Crown Facial,” boasting three cutting-edge procedures that complement each other to make the guest appear to age backwards, and therefore known in tight circles like ours (no pun intended) as the “Benjamin Button.”

Well, Joanna has done it again with the AGWE.

She starts the treatment the same way she begins all facials – with a diamond tip microdermabrasion wand. The subtle tip (the only subtle tip we ever let near our faces) eases away dead skin cells with less abrasion than typical dermabrasion instruments employed by estheticians.

This, combined with a customized-on-the-spot litany of organic facial creams and exfoliates as well as Joanna’s nimble hands allow us to leave the AGWE treatment with zero redness, immediately ready for high profile fashion events held at nearby Bryant Park (just like Joanna Vargas regular Zac Posen!).

This immediate outcome, of course, remains in stark contrast with the one-to-two day recovery time of facial redness other procedures typically incur.

Aside from being camera-ready as soon as we shut the door behind us, thanks to Joanna’s all-natural, cutting-edge ingredients, our face is glowing from health for once, instead of glowing from radioactive or lab-created chemicals!

Joanna Vargas Skin Care
501 5th Avenue, near Bryant Park
(212) 949-2350 for appointments