Make Your Skin Glow During the Winter Months

January 15th, 2010

3590329_blogMake Your Skin Glow During the Winter Months!

Like most women I hate what happens to my skin during the winter months. That dry flaky skin we all have makes the winter doldrums even worse! I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way and I hope these few, skin winter tips, will help you achieve the best winter skin ever.

Most people think its the blast of cold air that causes the most harm to your skin but in my experience its the people that are indoors all the day that have dull winter skin.

The reason is very simple: indoor heat evaporates any humidity in the air and any natural oils from your body as well. This is the main cause for overly dry, flaky and dull skin, which is further harmed by cold winter air.

Here are a few helpful tips for keeping your skin well hydrated and balanced during the winter months:

*Use a humidifier, especially at night time, this immediately helps with dry itchy skin and dry lips. This will also help your body during the vital process of cell renewal which occurs at night time. The proper amount of humidity in the air will create a better sleeping environment which greatly aids the cell renewal process and creates unstressed skin.

* You need to exfoliate your body and face. Exfoliating will trigger the skin’s natural healing function and will trigger skin renewal. This will prepare your skin for any moisturizer that you might use.

* Use a moisturizer for your face and body. You need something extremely hydrating but not necessarily heavy or oily. It needs to be nourishing in order to feed your skin and maintain its suppleness.

* A few more things that can make a huge difference in how your skin glows during the winter months: Drink enough water and eat nutritious foods that will help strengthen your skin and help retain their natural oils. Look for foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and a green juice a day will make your skin glow!

A great way to rejuvenate dull winter skin is to get a Full Body Microdermabrasion. It is vastly effective in improving the texture and suppleness of your skin. Call the my skin care salon in New York City to make your appointment at 212/949.2350.

And as always, I’m very happy to hear from you. Please email me your questions or call me with your skin care concerns at the salon.


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