Modern Bride

October 10th, 2008

Source: Modern Bride
Oct/Nov 2008, Issue P 207

Modern Bride magazine highlights all the nuances that a modern bride needs to make her shine on her special day. So it is no surprise that they also included Joanna Vargas’s body treatments, the Tone Up and Full Body Microdermabrasion as a means of achieving beautiful and sexy skin. One of the many highly trained estheticians at Joanna Vargas is highlighted in the article as the artisan that transformed the editors skin to a radiant glow.

WHEN I BOOKED MY TONE UP TREATMENT AT JOANNA VARGAS SKIN CARE. I had no idea I’d be hooked up to a machine that would deliver electrical currents to my body. I was a little freaked, but promise of sculpting some of my trouble spots helped me push on. After placing electrodes around my tummy, my aesthetician, Jennifer flipped a switch and left the room. The microcurrents ranged from weak to strong, the strongest causing my abs to contract into a mini-crunch. The next day, my muscles felt a bit sore, but I was very surprised to find that a pair of usually snug pants fit a bit better. According to Joanna, the results are cumulative, so she suggest about four to five treatments for a bride-to-be once a week, starting two months before the big day. Next up was a Full Body Microdermabrasion (a recommended follow-up to the Tone Up). Jennifer started by brushing a hollow, diamond-tipped wand over my entire body. While it exfoliated every inch of my body, the wand (which is more like a hose) simultaneously sucked up dead skin cells. A hot-towel massage followed, and then Jennifer applied a milk, cinnamon and lavender hydrating cream. My skin truly felt like 10 years had been lifted away. I couldn’t wait to go home, slip on a sundress and show it off. Talk about the perfect splurge for a little strapless number and number and a walk down the aisle. -Anita K. Henry, group managing editor

Tone Up, $200; Full Body Microdermabrasion, $200,
Joanna Vargas, 212/949-2350,