Moisturizing Can Be One Of The Most Important Steps in Your Skin Care Routine

January 16th, 2013

During the winter, almost any skin type is susceptible to dryness, even oily, and having the proper hydrating cream in your daily routine will help restore a softer texture.

The best moisturizer for your skin will reduce wrinkles, soften your skin and protect your skin from the environment. During the winter months your skin is naturally dryer due to cold winter days and the dry heat from your home or office. You’ll need to replenish moisture lost and use a moisturizer that will seal in hydration, keeping your skin supple and radiant.

The earlier you start good skincare habits, in my opinion, the better your skin will be years later. How early? I started my personal daily routine in my early 20s and if you think this is too much, then think again.

Though the visible signs of aging generally appear in our late 30’s to early 40’s, the process actually starts much sooner. Collagen and elastin production in the dermal layers of your skin starts to decrease from late adolescence to the mid 20s. So it goes without saying that this is the time we should start a moisturizing and anti-aging face care routine.

Additionally, oil production diminishes as you age and the naturally protective barrier your skin needs lessens thus exposing it to environmental threats like, wind, cold, the sun and toxins from pollution. All of these could of course add up to premature aging.

Another thing to consider is that the use of a proper daily moisturizers will replenish nutrients and moisture that is lost due to cleansing or from using a face wash.

The main benefits that you can expect from using a moisturizer is softer skin texture or suppleness, elasticity for a firm complexion, softer wrinkles and overall ageless radiance.

My own Daily Hydrating Cream is whipped for a light consistency but deeply hydrating. It contains some humectants like glycerin that attract and retain moisture, powerful antioxidants like Ubiquinone also known as CoQ10 as well as the star ingredient Galactoarabinan — a naturally derive extract from the Larch tree. Studies have shown it can minimize fine lines, inhibits moisture loss and speeds up cell turnover (more so than a glycolic or lactic acid).

My product also contains Shea butter, is a natural emollient (skin softening) and has been used for centuries as a youth enhancing moisturizer. It reliably eliminates dry flaky skin replacing it with visibly lasting luminous hydration, while improving the elasticity of aging skin. This botanically sourced ingredient is vital for maintaining maximum radiant clarity.

It has high levels of antioxidant properties and essential fatty acids and promotes healing of cellular damage and curtails the aging process.

Daily moisturizing is one of the best means to nourish and avoid the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles later on. “An ounce” of hydrating prevention is the smartest face care approach for both young and maturing skin during winter.

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