Moringa Is an Antioxidant Moisturizing Oil

January 31st, 2012

The Egyptians prized a certain oil, unrivaled in oxidative stability, with such devotion it was placed in the most monumental of their tombs. That oil is Moringa, derived from the Moringa Oilefera tree that has origins in Africa and India. Moringa is a powerful antioxidant moisturizing oil that effectively fends off environmental damage from your skin. The oil is cold-pressed to extract its rich moisturizing properties from the seeds of the tree that grows to be upwards of 12 yards.

Regaled as a “miracle tree,” the oil has been applied to the body and skin, in the region of its origins, for thousands of years. Now the medicinal and healing abilities of this oil continue to be sourced to promote and preserve the optimal health of skin far beyond Moringa native habitat. Over time all parts of the tree have been used for healing by indigenous people. Currently in the West it serves cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutritional purposes. With all its benefits for health and skin, Moringa oil is clearly deserving of its miraculous title.

Here are some of the enriching qualities you can expect when you use this potent oil in your skincare regimen:

Vitamins A enhances cellular renewal and prevents UV damage

Vitamin C for boosting immunity

Moisturizes and conditions skin for improved elasticity and softening

Anti-oxidant rich to inhibit free radical damage

Anti-inflammatory soothes skin flare-ups, rosacea and other skin irritations

Antifungal and antibacterial properties cleanse dirt and impurities from the pores

Diuretic abilities for eliminating toxins and waste from the body promoting overall health.

The oil and seeds are 40 % edible and can also be included as part of the diet. You can find Moringa leaf powder as a dietary supplement abundant in essential amino acids, potassium, protein, calcium and iron. Used traditionally in Ayurveda medicine, the vitamin supplement can be taken daily to thoroughly nourish the body and skin.

As a skincare product it has a 5-year shelf life, not turning rancid easily as most other oils. With the deep hydrating fatty acids Moringa offers, you can be assured age-defying irresistible skin when all is said and done.

While there are products on the market that boast Moringa oil as a key anti-aging ingredient, it is best to find the oil cold-pressed in pure refined form for skincare use to ensure maximum quality. It is a light-weight oil that saturates the pores easily leaving no greasy residue behind, only soft moisturized skin with diminished appearance of dryness and fine lines.