My Acne Has Improved Using LED Light Therapy

June 17th, 2010

One of our teenage clients had this to say about her acne and how a little patience and our LED light therapy has helped her improve her skin.

Overall my skin seems to be making bigger improvements now. As I continue to receive light treatments, use the products and keep eating those greens, my skin is responding very well!

One of the staff at the salon had mentioned that I would get gradual improvements throughout treatment and that after a while I would suddenly realize that oh yeah, I used to have skin problems! And I actually woke up one morning and, although my skin is not yet perfect, felt like there was a sudden overnight improvement that I could see plainly on my face.

In earlier weeks I would find myself doubting how much improvement I was making and actually retaining, but I see now that was just me being far too impatient. The continual routine is really showing up in the overall improvement of my skin!